‘Caroline Ross sources art materials from a world that ended a thousand years ago’ – Dark Mountain 11.

Welcome to my website last updated 10/05/22. I aim to update this place seasonally, but like so many artists, I find myself immersed in making and averse to the charms of website admin, so the best place to find the most up to date news and images is at my Instagram – @foundandground.

I have been commissioned to write a book on foraging for and making natural paints, so I will be tucked away completing this until spring 2023. The book is written and is being edited and all the photos were shot this summer, it’s an exciting time. I look forward to offering courses and classes at a new space in Bournemouth, UK, and as a guest elsewhere in Europe very soon. I am planning a series of classes and courses in USA and Canada with Theresa Emmerich Kamper in spring 2023. More here soon, and on our Instagrams. 

I will be teaching three public courses in person this year and one online. When the Mountain Speaks with Us, with Dark Mountain at Schumacher College, in October. Found and Ground Natural Art Materials at Dartington Trust in September. I will be teaching three short courses at The Bull Inn Totnes in August: fish skin tanning, ink on buckskin patches, and an introduction to natural ink and paints.

My immersive wild art materials course ‘Found and Ground Art Materials’ debuts at Schumacher College in September. You will be able to learn many of the materials and techniques I use to make my paints, inks and tools. Go here to book

The unique art and writing course Wild Twins which I created with Paul Kingsnorth ran again November 2022. Wild Twins has come to an end and Paul and I hope to collaborate on a course again in future. 

You can find my oak gall ink drawings on parchment and buckskin in the Dark Mountain book Fabula.

My art, including drawings and objects, approach, materials and commissions are here, as is an in-depth blog about my published work and work in progress. I hope you enjoy it. Do get in touch via the contact page or find me on Instagram @foundandground.

I am an artist member of the wider Dark Mountain Project and of the  Wilderness Art Collective.