‘Caroline Ross sources art materials from a world that ended a thousand years ago’ – Dark Mountain 11.

Welcome to my website, which has been fully updated in 2021.

My immersive wild art materials course ‘Found and Ground Art Materials’ debuts at Schumacher College in April and returns for an autumn edition in September. You will be able to learn many of the materials and techniques I use to make my paints, inks and tools. Go here to book

How can we reweave our place back into the living fabric of a sentient Earth? Join me, Charlotte Du Cann, Nick Hunt, and Mark Watson at Schumacher College, to forge a co-creative practice that can challenge the dominance of the modern industrial mindset and regain our original kinship with the more-than-human world. During the week, we will be seeking ways to navigate descent, using the tools of story, myth, plant medicine and natural materials that help root us in place and time.We will be walking into the liminal hours of dawn, holding a dialogue with the land, remembering the role imagination plays in communication with the non-human world, and engaging the heart, hands and heads of everyone taking part. Monday 16th May – Friday 20th May 2022For details and how to book, see here.

The unique art and writing course Wild Twins which I created with Paul Kingsnorth is now running again this November. All the details are here. We hope to run it again in person next year in Ireland or Sweden, and online in November 2022.

You can find my oak gall ink drawings on parchment and buckskin in the current Dark Mountain book Fabula.

My art, including drawings and objects, approach, materials and commissions are here, as is an in-depth blog about my published work and work in progress. I hope you enjoy it. Do get in touch via the contact page or find me on Instagram @foundandground.

I am an artist member of the wider Dark Mountain Project and of the  Wilderness Art Collective.