Workshops ahoy


The first weekend of workshops was a real success, with 8 folks booking to come and learn oak gall ink making, quill pens and brushes. The next upcoming workshops are Painting on Buckskin and leather on 25th January, and Natural Watercolour Making part one on 8th February 2020. get in touch vis the website or on Instagram @foundandground to book a space, there are a few remaining. Below are some photos from the first workshop weekend and the Wild Inks workshop I ran in Sweden earlier this month. All the best to you from the winter river.

Oak gall ink making workshop

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I am really looking forward to teaching some wild ink on 23rd November when I run the inaugural workshop at my new riverside studio by Hampton Court. All those over 16 are welcome, (and children over 12 yrs old may attend if accompanied by an adult). All materials, refreshments and equipment are provided. Details below, call or get in touch via the contact form to enquire or book. 5 places only.

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Summer time


Summer greetings to all. Much drawing, designing, foraging for materials, making and illustrating going on here, all in preparation for exciting events due in the autumn. The nettle fibre harvest continues, ochres are being ground for paint, and many images from dreams make their way into my sketchbooks. Tonight is the last life drawing class I am teaching before the summer break, all are welcome. Wishing you all the very fruitful best. I will be back in September.

Hand Painted buckskin boots

Oak gall ink and a quill decorate these boots I made last month from my own fallow deer buckskin. I drew ash leaves and branches, from life.


So much going on…


It’s been a busy couple of months, with Wild Twins 2 full of sunshine and wild art in West Cork. Thanks to all who came and made it such a wonderful week. Photos and a write up on the website soon…

Next week my work illustrating Andreas Kornevall’s writing about Norse myth will be featuring in The Clearing, an online magazine from publisher Little Toller, I will put the link in my news section as soon as it is live. My latest article for Dark Mountain is here. It details my time under the trunk of a great fallen oak tree last autumn, and how returning to earth periodically keeps me sane and hale.

My work will feature shortly in print and online in Earth Island Journal, and at Wild Pigment Project online, and I will post snippets here as soon as they are finished. There are many projects awaiting the right time to announce, including an artist residency in a city farm, a possible illustrated book with a great author, and some collaborations. For now, it’s back to work for me, as I am off to the woods tomorrow to make buckskin and moccasins again, in the embrace of the wild wood.

There will be monthly classes in all the techniques and disciplines which  teach, and I am looking forward to launching those over the summer, and taking bookings for September. These will be small classes of up to 6 people, held at my home on The Thames. Do get in touch if you are interested in wild pigments, birch bark boxes, hand made watercolours, colour theory, drawing, painting and so much more. Updates and pictures post daily on my Instagram account, @foundandground

Best wishes from the river.


Wild Twins walk


Books and news

Bookmaking, not for the new tax year, but for the Wild Twins students and friends. 13 made, 8 to do when I get home from work tonight. Strelizia turns out to be a wonderful fibre with which to sew, whether stranded or reverse-wrapped into two-ply.
Sadly it seems two people who applied for the extra bursary both can’t seem to make travel plans fit in with work commitments. This happens sometimes in modern busy life. So the bursary is available again! In exactly one month’s time we will be meeting just a few feet from the very western edge of Europe. Can you come? Writers and artists of every kind are welcome to join me and writer Paul Kingsnorth, co-founder of #darkmountainproject . Everything you need to know is at . I really hope someone will benefit from this reduction of the fees from €950 to €699. If you have a question about it email me via the contact page. I have become very knowledgeable about the travel options!
Together we make books, ink, quills, paint, brushes, charcoal, stories, paintings, artworks, poems, conversations, questions, discoveries, dreaming methods, wild walks, fireside songs, story journeys, connections with nature, friends. . There isn’t anything else like this we’ve spent 3 years working on it…

Wild Twins bursary newsflash


The Wild Twins course I run in Ireland in early May with writer Paul Kingsnorth has one more bursary place, as a student had to drop out, and the non-refundable deposit means we can reduce the price for someone on lower means, it is 699 Euros rather than 950 Euros. All the details are here. If you or a friend you know would like to come, get in touch.  Please feel free to pass this info on.

The venue Sherkin Island North Shore is amazing… Great food, wonderful hosts, wild Atlantic beauty.



Wild Twins Offer


For anyone booking in March 2019 for our May course I will be sending you three mussel shells of finest wild English watercolours. These will be made form ochres gathered in Devon and chalk found near Stonehenge. All the details are at Get in touch if you’d like to come along.


Paints in their shells, drying in a basket.

One bursary left for Wild Twins…


One of two reduced price bursaries remains (700 rather than 950 Euros), now available. Go to for details or to apply. There is also a gift for anyone who books in January 2019, a hand made buckskin pouch from me. Just email me your address and payment receipt from, and I will send you your hand painted pouch…

‘Paul and Caroline wove us an alchemical vessel on that wild island. Between the water and the rocks, the sea otter and the swift, I found something I had forgotten. I have spent the months since dancing with my wild twin — a dance, which, I have come to realize, has no beginning and no end. I recommend this course as an orientation to those who want to embark on a long, tiring, and wonderful journey. It won’t be what you expect, and it is so worth it.’ MK – participant 2018

I am teaching Wild Twins again 4-10th May 2019, with writer Paul Kingsnorth, co-founder of the Dark Mountain Project. We will be making everything we use from scratch, from natural and wild materials, and from the wild hearts of ourselves. Writers and artists will be making their work, sometimes paired, sometimes solo, in response to rugged nature that will be our home for the course. We will not draw or write in the way we always do, but instead find new ways to express something less anthropocentric, more embedded in the living world which we barely behold, but which we can get to know by paying close attention. Both of the teachers are experienced in bringing people to their senses, rewilding their art and connecting to place authentically. We have a magical week planned, full of great work, fires, story, words, images and nature. Writers will be responding to the work of artists, and vice versa. We will turn our work on it’s head and see what we can glimpse when we put down our habitual ways of thinking and working.

Artists and writers of all stripes have joined us for our first course in May 2018, choreographers, film makers, illustrators, professional and less-experienced alike, made hand made books, oak gall ink, mixed ochre paints, smashed green earths from Dingle to make beautiful paints, produced quills and brushes made from feathers, cherry tree gum was used to bind everything, badger-dug and sea strewn chalk for our whites… We explored the significance of red, black and white in alchemy and art, writing and history, and how these colours wind through myth and story.

As well as all this, we’ll also be making charcoal, natural cordage with which to sew our books, and make precious paints with lapis and malachite, inks from nut shells, spices and wine. The studio and accommodation are just metres from the wild Atlantic edge.

Full course details here. Booking and prices. Venue Sherkin North Shore is here, on this island.