Wild Twins Bursaries


Paul Kingsnorth and I are offering two much-reduced price bursaries to artists and writers for our transformational Wild Twins course in Ireland in May 2019. If you would like to apply go to http://www.wyrdschool.ie for details. The course normally costs 950Euros, but this will be 700Euros with the bursary. We are keen that people from all kinds of backgrounds are able to come along to work together in wild nature.

Feel free to pass this on to a friend.

Happy New Year!


Some of the wild materials we will be making and using.

New Year, new courses


art oct 2018 j

I will be offering new courses in January and beyond since the monthly life drawing sessions have gone so well in East Molesey. Classes will run at Canela Café, opposite Hampton Court Station, as well as at our studio near Molesey Lock, a few minutes walk upstream. Keep an eye out here and on @foundandground on Instagram, for the class dates when they appear. See you there.

Have a great Winter Solstice, Christmas and New Year.

Early bird discount for Wild Twins


If you write or make art of any kind, head over to www.wyrdschool.ie for a 50 Euro reduction on our Wild Twins course, if booked  and paid before NYE 2018.

I can’t wait to share all the wonderful materials I have been making and researching for us, and the stories Paul and I have been gathering…

Cernunnus j

Cernunnus, 2017,

6.3cm square, malachite, ochre and lamp black hand made watercolours on deerskin parchment. Painted for Dark Mountain 12 Sanctum.


Found and ground


It is a joy to find what we need on the ground beneath our feet. ‘Making good use of the things that we find, things that the everyday folks leave behind…’ British folks who were kids in the 1970’s will remember the Wombles, wonderful resourceful animated characters who lived in Wimbledon Common and were proto up-cyclers, foragers and green champions. The show should be brought back, it would be so on-trend.

I’ve been finding some great materials this year, here’s a few pictures.

IMG_2500Red Devon clay, as I found it on a rainy day it formed these useful lumps.

foraged materials basket

Starting my wild basket in the woods with a ‘god’s eye’ of split hazel withies, followed with long strands of ivy.

Here’s my latest improv basket, made in the woods of Wiltshire. It’s just the right size for gathering nuts and berries, roots and leaves, which is what I was living on for four days. More about that later!


New courses coming soon


I will be teaching short courses on natural materials over the coming winter and into the spring. These will teach you how to make oak gall ink, quills, brushes and tools from feathers and sticks, natural watercolours, gouache, distemper, glair an tempera paints, how to source and grind natural pigments, how to sew books to paint in, and so much more. I also aim to offer classes on birch and ash bark box making (great for storing those natural materials and tools), charcoal making for drawing, natural cordage making, pouch and bag making with buckskin, and how to paint on buckskin to decorate it. Alongside these ancient skills, I also offer life drawing tuition, colour theory classes and bespoke art sessions for young and old, details to follow soon. Get in touch if you are interested. Classes will take place on The River Thames, near Hampton Court. There is nearby free parking, and great local public transport.

Life drawing class


I’ll be teaching life drawing at the great art club at Café Canela @Canelacafeartclub in Hampton Court, starting this month on 20th October 2018. Come along for drinks, cake, a great model and tuition from me to get you drawing, cost £12. No experience is necessary, just bring a drawing pad and something to draw with. We will have exercises to get started followed by some longer poses. As soon as I get on Instagram I will link there, I know I am late to the party but I tend to live life in the real world rather than online, so bear with me. For now, have a look here. Contact canelacafeevents@gmail.com to come along.

3 mins

3 minute drawing, warm up.

New Dark Mountain site launches today


Have a look at the new DM site, it is great to see the new home for our friends looking so beautiful. I was a bit surprised quite how much of my artwork, images, materials and even my face is all over it, so if you haven’t overloaded already… go and enjoy the website, full of beautiful images and food for thought.

Also have just been sent some lovely pictures from the participants in the May course in Ireland, and I will post a few here soon, the first is below.


Me ‘at work’, drawing on the last day of Wild Twins. Not a Dark Mountain course per se…