Spring 2021:

First Friday with Art.Earth, I was in conversation on 2nd April, Good Friday, with Dark Mountain’s Charlotte DuCann and poet Dom Bury about Borrowed Time. We’ll be talking about the small matters of life, death and art.

Wild Twins course will ride again in November 2021 as an online expedition, with a mixture of live & recorded classes, solo and paired assignments, as well as a parcel of wild materials sent to you before the course starts. The first course ran from 24th April until 15 May and filled up in a month. The next course will run from 13th November – 4th December 2021. It is filling up, so if you’d like to book, go to for all the course details, joining information and prices.

What we might lose in not being in the same room together, we will gain by folks who are far away being able to join us, no one needs to fly or travel, and we will all find the wildness in our own locales, as well as in our art and writing. This will be the third outing for our unique course, where we bring image and language together, where we entice the outside in, and make everything from scratch, no tired machine-made thoughts pass muster. We’ll branch like trees and chase stories round the woods. You’ll see more here on my website as well as previous incarnations of this work. This year we are providing 3 low-cost bursaries.

You will sow your wild words, uncivilise your art, learn how to make paints, inks, cordage, books, charcoal, quills and brushes from what you can find, pick poems from hedgerows and find stories under stones. We will paint from the point of view of boulders, and moss, take time to hear the opinion of passing migratory birds. With all this, we will learn how to welcome the wild twin home.

You can also go direct to my co-teacher, Dark Mountain Project co-founder Paul Kingsnorth’s school. Booking is via email from the / the wild twins online expedition page.

January 2021: Perhaps you have just found my work in the Current Dark Mountain book Fabula. There, I created drawings on parchment and buckskin with oak gall ink, all made here by the River Thames. These images were sent to writer Paul Kingsnorth and he responded with the short story ‘The Light in the Trees’ which you can find in the book. As with our course Wild Twins, here the usual modern order of images following or illustrating thoughts in words has been reversed. Paul and I have decided to offer an online version of Wild Twins course in April 2021, with recorded lessons, Zoom meet-ups, and a unique parcel of all my wild materials which you will receive at home so I can show you how to make books, ink, quills, paint and cordage – everything you need to make art and writing. Full details will follow in January, when I will also finally create a mailing list for my courses. If you’d like a flavour of what this course contains, click on Wild Twins in the menu bar.

I currently have work in the timely book ‘Fire Season‘, which explores the wildfires, deforestation and destruction wrought by humans in the Anthropocene.


June 2020: This summer saw my work in room 4 of the online exhibition Wilderness of the Mind and a recent edition of Earth Island Journal. All my upcoming workshops and residencies are postponed until after Covid-19 restrictions lift. You’ll find some of my art and illustration, foraged and natural ancient materials, and details of future and past workshops future where I teach how to make materials and paints, earth-skills and drawing on the workshops button. Do get in touch via the contact page or find me on Instagram @foundandground.

I had three new works exhibiting online with the Wilderness Art Collective as our summer group show has had to move online due to Covid. A residency making inks from seaweed in Mull, Scotland, and many courses and classes I was leading have been postponed. But I will shortly be filming many of my classes, and along with online seminars, will be offering distance learning in the not too distant future. Keep an eye on my Instagram for the latest news on that. I also have three specially commissioned pieces in the next Dark Mountain fiction book. Rather than being illustrations, the writer has taken my works as the starting point, and will write outwards from there. This is an approach I have taught at Wild Twins Course over the years. It makes a nice change for the image to be first, before the words.